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Vibram Five Finger’s Trail Running Fun

Posted: May 30th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: trail running | 2 Comments »
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We’ve been lucky enough to share land at our condo with a boarding school who has a really nice, hillside single track/grass field lane cross country course. I wanted to shoot some clips of the trails and me running them in my KSO’s since our family will be relocating a bit north in a couple of months…have no fear though, the new place is just off the Appalachian Trail!

Enjoy the short video on your Memorial Day weekend, hope you get to hit the trails this weekend!

2 Comments on “Vibram Five Finger’s Trail Running Fun”

  1. 1 BFRoy said at 1:17 pm on May 31st, 2010:

    so i did 10 miles on a rocky trail this weeked in my vff’s. i’ve been wearing vff’s for a year now, have lots of miles on thm and have even begun running ‘full monty’ barefoot recently…all on the road though. all of my trail miles until this weekend have been in Brooks Cascadia. I love and prefer trail running over the roads, BUT I did NOT enjoy the rocks with my vffs. it was a particularly rocky trail with lots of small unavoidable sharp stones. the bottoms of my feet are swollen and very tender today. i think i might return to shoes for this type of running or experiment with the treks.

  2. 2 Bobby Love said at 11:15 am on June 1st, 2010:

    I have to say, over time my feet have amazed me at how they’ve changed on the trails. Now having said that, if you throw a fire road at me that’s a half mile long covered with palm sized rocks…I’m not going to be happy.

    I remember first starting on the trails in my KSO’s and felling EVERYTHING. My feet would bruise, swell, hurt…Over time they have adapted. I still get the occasional hidden rock or root and it puts an “OW” in my head, but before those things made me stop and curse and limp for the next hundred yards.

    I’ve yet to try out the Trek’s, but I got to try them on at City Sports a month or so ago and they felt like they’d make a huge difference.

    A good interview over at the other day touched on long trail races:

    He touches on a section about wearing the Trek’s for a 50 mile trail race and this comment stuck out:
    “After the race I had no blisters but my feet looked like they had been soaking in water for the last 8 hours. I don’t think Vibram has made the perfect shoe as of yet, but they are on the right track.”

    Lucky for me I’m along way away from 50 mile trail runs!

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