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September Close Out Report

Posted: September 30th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: running | 1 Comment »
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September was a great month! I came in at 44.6 miles, up from 41 last month. These conservative gains seem to be a key in keeping my technique from getting sloppy while building up strength to build miles/speed.

Speaking of speed – September had a 5k PR for me as well! A 22:35 which is pretty awesome considering a year ago I was running 5k’s at 11+ minutes/mile…

October is shaping up to be a solid month. I plan on playing it conservative, building mileage to the 50 mile mark. The first of November I will be traveling down to Nashville for another RAGNAR! I was hesitant to commit to it knowing the last RAGNAR killed my summer plans for running after the IT Band issues, but I feel I’m strong enough and smart enough now to take a second RAGNAR on. Those races really are sooooo much fun that as it draws near I find myself getting pretty pumped up.

I also had the chance to go last weekend to the Vermont 50 to crew for a couple friends who were doing the mountain bike version of the course. It was first live exposure to an ultra run race and I really liked it. I’ve now put that up on the board as a 2011 accomplishment, to complete the VT50 50k version and make it my first ultra run. We’ll see if the goal makes it to my final goals list by year end, but I think it allows me enough time to train and be ready for it.

King Of The Hill 5k – A PR!

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This was an interesting one…The race takes place in the corporate park where my office is so I literally worked until 6p.m. then shut my office door, changed into my running gear, and walked about 100 yards to the registration booth. How’s that for an efficient race!

I had set out a goal to come in sub-24 minutes, a solid PR attempt for me. That would quickly change when, for an hour and half prior to the start it POURED rain. I stood out in the rain for a half hour to get acclimated (cold and wet) and luckily found a pair of Injinji wool socks in my running bag. Without the socks my feet get shredded when I run in the Vibram FiveFinger’s in the rain. A co-worker said, “what’s you goal now”…I replied, “sub-25″. The plan was really just to go out and run hard. This park is where I do my lunch runs so I have familiarity of every hill and bump along the way and knew I wanted to pour out my best performance on this course.

5 minutes to the gun. We positioned ourselves to the front line and…the rain stops! It actually quit and never came back, how’s that for timing? I took off hard at the gun because the road immediately curves and then shoots up a hill and I didn’t want to get behind a pack that was slower than me and spend the hill trying to get around them. I glanced down at my watch at the top of the hill and noticed I was pacing at a 6:30 minute mile…good god, I thought I was dead. I told a co-worker next to me, “well, I may have just ended this race taking that hill this fast…” thinking I would inevitably hit my wall. Lucky for me, that co-worker and fellow runner stuck with me through the first mile (he was sandbagging to make me feel better). When I looked down at my watch and saw that mile 1 was done in 7:08 I was sure the hills coming up were gonna end up killing me. My co-worker kept with me, chatting and trucking along until about 1.5 miles in when I noticed I was still pacing at a 7:10 minute mile and told him I need to slow up a bit or I’d never make it up the bigger hill towards the end. Like a slingshot, he was gone. Funny thing is, I actually met him at the finish line and he was smiling because he somehow ended up getting a PR.

I slowed up significantly in mile 2 finishing it at a 7:33 minute mile. In the final mile there is annoying hill. It isn’t massive, it isn’t long…it’s just annoying. It’s about a 100 foot climb in about .20 of a mile. I got up it doing great but then at the top I started to get upper chest cramps from all the heavy breathing the faster pace was doing to me. For the next quarter mile I slowed way up and tried everything to get the cramps to go away without stopping. They finally wore away just in time for me to fly through the final .4 to the finish line.

So…the final was a 22:35 official race result! 67th out of 292 runners.

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